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hello michael clifford



Here’s me trying to be all photogenic
(I am wearing clothes just to clarify)

Ugh stop being gorgeous please

I’m not gorgeous that’s you!! But thanks :)

Here’s me trying to be all photogenic
(I am wearing clothes just to clarify)


Anonymous asked us: ♥‿♥

Tell us about your crush: my crush actually happens to be my boyfriend of nearly 7 months and he’s amazing :))) he’s into all the same bands I’m into, he’s funny, he’s cute. He makes me smile and He’s just great :-)

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this was really sexy

So, you were new to the school. You’d moved suddenly, without reason from your parents, away from your friends and really everything you’ve ever known. You absolutely hated at your new school, your new house, the new people that were overly friendly and inviting when you were so bitter about everything.

You deliberately were short and rude in hopes that they would just stop trying, and it worked. By the second day, you’d scared off enough people to where really the only contact you had talking to people was with teachers, if they even chose to ask you a question.

On the third day, however, something changed. You were at your locker, getting your books and folders in your bag to leave, when it suddenly got a little darker, a shadow casting over you. You glanced up seeing a tall blonde with a lip ring, leaning against the locker next to yours.

"Hey," he said, giving you a once over. You, of course, rolled your eyes and proceeded to put your things in your bag.

"You going to acknowledge me, or what?" he said again, this time putting his hand a little higher than his waist, moving his head a little to try to get a peek at your face.

"Fuck off," you mumbled, zipping your bag closed, making sure your locker was free of anything that might jam it in the morning.

You almost missed his raised eyebrow, his tongue flicking out to lick his lips. “You’re really not afraid to be rude, are you?”

"You’re really not getting the message, are you?" you retorted, closing your locker with just a little more force than necessary.

He didn’t flinch, though. Just smirked.

"I’m Luke. Luke Hemmings." he straightened up off of the locker, sticking his hand out.

You studied him for just a moment more, then slung your backpack half on via one of the thick black shoulder straps. “Y/N.”

He broke into a little grin, looking down at you. “Nice to meet you, Y/N. Unfortunately, you’ve told me your name now, so you’re kind of stuck with me. I don’t really scare off easily.”



"We look like The Rock Johnson" +


Calum5SOSIt’s been a big week! So tired! Happy to stay in tonight :) there shall be no exploring tonight new york

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